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AVPNext Events:
May 12th.  Pompano Beach
May 27th.   Fort Lauderdale Beach
June 23rd.  Fort Lauderdale Beach
June 30th.  Pompano Beach
July 14th.  Fort Lauderdale Beach

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These AVPNext Open events will consist of a  16 team draw double elimination format with Olympic crossover.  Some events will have a Friday qualifier to fill 13-16 spots.

All teams must be registered by Thursday 6 pm before the event.  We will accept teams on a first come first serve basis.  

Prize money will be a minimun of 80% of registration fees. (Based on $100 per team)  Some events may have additional prize money added.

Qualifiers:  Qualifiers will be single elimination and will be announced by Thursday at 12 noon before the event.  When we have teams exceeding 16 the top 12 teams according to AVPNext and AVP points will be automatically in the main draw and the remaining 4 spots will be determined by the single elimination qualifier.  (Some tournament sites will not permit a Friday qualifier.  In this case we will only be accepting the first 16 teams that register.)


AVP Next Logo - 2015


AVPNext is the official developmental program of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. It serves as the exclusive “qualification circuit” for elite amateur players to earn AVP qualification points, a national ranking and entry into AVP main draws.

AVPNext will offer more than 40 competitions in 25 cities nationwide beginning in March and wrapping up in August. Players who participate in AVPNext events have an opportunity to earn professional points and a national ranking from the top domestic Tour.

Additionally, one men’s and one women’s team from each zone will receive the ultimate prize, a wild card berth into the main draw of the most prestigious beach volleyball tournament in the country, the 2018 AVP Manhattan Beach Open.


How It Works

AVPNext has split the country into eight zones. Within each zone, at least five events are designated as “AVPNext Certified.”

Players will need to register to be an AVPNext member prior to competing in any AVPNext certified event. By registering for the AVPNext membership, players are eligible to play in any AVPNext certified event nationwide.

Players competing in certified events gather AVP points and battle for the opportunity to represent the zone in the main draw of the 2016 AVP Manhattan Beach Open.

To give themselves the best chance at earning the bid to Manhattan Beach, players should plan on playing with the same partner for as many events in their zone as possible. The bid will be awarded to the TEAM that performs the best through a zone’s series of event.

Click here for the 2018 AVPNext schedule. Additional events will be added as they are confirmed.


AVP Points

The AVP Point System is the universal system used for all AVP events including AVPNext competitions.

Points will be awarded individually following every AVPNext event based on the team’s finish.

The winning teams will be determined by the 80% rule.

For example, if a team finishes first in an AVPNext event, it the points equivalent to a 17th place finish at an AVP event. The team that won the AVPNext event will be awarded 190 points (95 points per player).

These points help players immediately and will boost their seed when they enter in AVP events.

In 2017, the AVP Tour will be using a player’s best four of the last five – including AVPNext – to determine main draw entry and seed.

AVP Points System

AVPNext Zonal Series Points

The AVPNext Zonal Points System is used to determine which team receives a zone’s bid to the 2018 AVP Manhattan Beach Open.

This standardized system will allow players to easily determine where they sit in the standings for their zone.

The points will be given out after every event in each zone.

These points are earned by a team so if a player decides to switch partners, they will start over in the zone standings and begin to accumulate points based on their new team finishes.

It is beneficial for players to commit to playing in all AVPNext events in a zone with the same partner.



AVPNext Membership

The AVPNext program is membership-based and offers a variety of benefits to players. By signing up to be a member, players are eligible to compete in ANY AVPNext competition nationwide. This offers players numerous opportunities to test their skills against other elite amateur players.

Additionally, players will receive AVP points and a national ranking from the top domestic Tour. These help players establish a concrete idea of where they stack up against the best players in the U.S.

Members also receive a 20% discount on AVP merchandise purchased through the online store or on site at the 2018 AVP events.

Membership is $15 and is good until December 31, 2017. Registration can be done here.


Who Can Play in AVPNext Events

AVPNext certified competitions are open to anyone who is 14 years old or older. A player can play on the day of their 14th birthday.

High school and college student-athletes are eligible to play, however to make sure that they comply with protocols regarding amateur status, they should check with their coach or compliance officer before signing up for any event.



If you have questions regarding AVPNext, contact us at avpnext@avp.com.

AVP Next Logo - 2015